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Forum rules, maintenance, about FLYMST.NL & how to contact us
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Dear users,

The goal of FLYMST.NL is to provide aviation enthusiasts an online platform where useful information related to Maastricht Aachen Airport and surrounding areas can be shared. Misusage of this information is the last thing we want. Therefore the following restrictions apply:

● Topics are only accessible to registered users except in the General Information forum;

● Any questions regarding flights will be deleted. Any further information about flights will also be deleted (flight reason, delay reason, etcetera);

● Photos posted with staff, cargo or passengers on it will be removed;

● Users sharing or copying information found on this website will be permanently banned;

● Newly registered accounts will be reviewed first before being unlocked.

Thanks for your understanding,
None of the above information may be copied without written confirmation of FLYMST.NL
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