Maastricht 21.01.2020

Aviation photos taken at Maastricht Aachen Airport
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One from a cold field just beore Sunrise
Kuwait Air Force KC-130J KAF328
Kind regards
Martijn Beckers
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Two shots around noon,...

ImageHA-LWT | A320-232(WL) | Wizzair by Mark Remmel

An early take-off for the C130J...

ImageKAF328 | C130J | Kuwait Air Force by Mark Remmel
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(All times are local times)
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Please have a look at my Flickr Photostream for more pictures !
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The contrast on the wizzairs is really nice
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And yet another spot:

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Nice guys!!

One from the departing Herc

ImageLockheed C-130J - Kuwait Air Force - KAF328 by Kelvin Jahae, on Flickr
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Kind regards,

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