Maastricht 14.03.2019 - TEFAF

Aviation photos taken at Maastricht Aachen Airport
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Great shots with the dark skies !!
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Nice Kelvin, good to see you enjoyed your time and had some luck with the sun!

Busy day at the office today 8-) 8-)
No time to go outside, so only two quick late afternoon shots from the window :lol:

ImageI-LUXO G550 Sirio by Mark Remmel

ImageOY-LGI BD-700-1A10 ExecuJet by Mark Remmel

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(All times are local times)
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Didnt see a picture of 8P-ASD sofar, some luck with the sun prior departure to AMS!

Image8P-ASD Gulfstream Aerospace G-VI Gulfstream G650, Maastricht Aachen Airport - EHBK/MST by Björn van der Velpen
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Great shots all!!

Some after-study relaxation :)

I-LUXO came in from Duesseldorf as 'Sirio551'
ImageSirio Executive - Gulfstream G550 - I-LUXO by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

D-BUZZ departing as 'Fortune24'
ImageAir X Charter Germany - Cessna 750 Citatation X - D-BUZZ by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

OY-LGI inbound from Farnborough as 'Vampire933'
ImageExecujet Scandinavia (Graff) - Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 - OY-LGI by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr
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Kind regards,

Flickr - JetPhotos
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Loving all these shots, bizzers are always fun :)
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Nice shots all
Kind regards
Martijn Beckers
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well done guys my pictures will be follow later
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Thank you guys, not easy with such a weather !
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