LGG 10/11/2019 ACE Belgium Freighters.

Aviation photos taken at locations worldwide except Maastricht Aachen Airport
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Nice pic Jos !

Boeing 757-23A(PF) (OE-LFB)


Boeing 747-412(BCF) (OO-ACE)



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Nice shots gents!

Visited Liège as well this morning. With the perfect weather, it was a nice morning to collect some regulars.

Daylight arrival of this ACE 747, former CAL 4X-ICC. AceFreight513 from Tel Aviv
ImageACE Belgium Freighters - Boeing 747-412(BCF) - OO-ACE by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

Thereafter Ethiopian3720 from Addas Ababa
ImageEthiopian Cargo - Boeing 777-F6N - ET-APS by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

Unfortunately, the weather at Luxembourg wasn't that great like in our region. Due to fog, some a/c had to divert to Liège, such as this KLM Cityhopper.
ImageKLM Cityhopper - Embraer ER-190STD - PH-EZC by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

Saudia Cargo commenced LGG ops late August with four flights a week. TC-ACF made a stop this morning before continuing to JFK
ImageSaudia Cargo (AirACT) - Boeing 747-481(BDSF) - TC-ACF by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

Another regular which was still missing in my collection. SE-RLA as Quality082B from Istanbul
ImageWest Air Sweden - Boeing 767-323(BDSF) - SE-RLA by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

One of the few pax flights at LGG
ImageTUI Belgium - Boeing 737-8BK(WL) - OO-JAA by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

Another Diversion
ImageLuxair - Bombardier Dash 8-402Q - LX-LQA by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

4X-ICB still wearing the 'Challenge Accepted' sticker
ImageCAL Cargo Airlines - Boeing 747-412(F) - 4X-ICB by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

From Luxembourg, with a ryanair-style sticker on the nose ;)
ImageRyanair - Boeing 737-8AS(WL) - EI-GJA by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr

And the final one for today, N512JN as Bambi2615 to Lagos
ImageWestern Global Airlines - McDonnell Douglas MD-11F - N512JN by Jesse Vervoort, on Flickr
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Kind regards,

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Nice Sunny shots all 8-) 8-)
Kind regards
Martijn Beckers
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