Maastricht 24.01.2020

Aviation photos taken at Maastricht Aachen Airport
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Maastricht 24.01.2020

Post by Leoremmel » 24 Jan 2020, 13:51

Today again a new Malta Air for me, and the Sky Gates again turning towards the runway and a nice Cl.650 of Robert Bosch GMBH.
ImageB737-8AS_9HQBS_MALTA AIR - RYANAIR_EHBK_200124 by Leo Remmel, on Flickr
ImageB747-467F_VPBCI_SKY GATES_EHBK_200124 by Leo Remmel, on Flickr
ImageCL600-2B16-650_HBJSF_ROBERT BOSCH GMBH_EHBK_200124 by Leo Remmel, on Flickr

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