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by Rob84
20 Apr 2019, 13:35
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Topic: Maastricht 20.04.2019
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Maastricht 20.04.2019

Little morning run, 2 Skygates on nightstop! Time to strike in my beloved Blue Hour! And a Correndon in a very colourful morning sky :) Was alone at 540am. :lol: But suddenly some familliar faces arrived :) SkyGates B748F VP-BCH & ...
by Rob84
09 Apr 2019, 12:02
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Topic: Maastricht 08.04.2019
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Re: Maastricht 08.04.2019

Another day of diversions, and once again i had to work :( Luckily there were 2 747 planned. Unfortunately, the Silkway took some long hours waiting, but i killed the time with a chat with Jesse :lol: Silkway B748F VQ-BVB EHBK 08-4-2019...
by Rob84
08 Apr 2019, 15:38
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Topic: Maastricht 07.04.2019
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Maastricht 07.04.2019

Having some fun in the Blue Hour /Blau Zeit on Bravo Apron with the Silkway 4k-SW888. :D Couldnt choose between a Clean shot, and the movement stripes of the Forklift. Adds some motion. Please feel free to comment which one is your're Fave :)
by Rob84
26 Mar 2019, 23:00
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Topic: FFD Fairford 25-3-2019 B52 Bombers
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FFD Fairford 25-3-2019 B52 Bombers

In a crazy moment with Raptor84 decided to go to Fairford to spot some B52 Bombers :D :D Absolutely crazy machines... :shock: :mrgreen: B52 Fairford 25-3-2019-2 by Rob Nijsten , on Flickr
by Rob84
20 Feb 2019, 13:36
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Topic: Maastricht 19.02.2019
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Re: Maastricht 19.02.2019

More Cargolux :) Had to go to work yesterday, so a bit late ;) CargoLux LX-VCM Cutout Livery EHBK 19-2-2019 by Rob Nijsten , on Flickr CargoLux LX-VCM Cutout Livery EHBK ...
by Rob84
16 Feb 2019, 21:31
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Topic: Maastricht 16.02.2019
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Maastricht 16.02.2019

Just following JesseV's example :lol: I love these shots :) Luckily I had the ATC on, so I was perfectly in time :) 8-) HZ-AK72 B77L EHBK 16-2-2019 by Rob Nijsten , on Flickr And the Emirates B777 this afternoon from a new spot I disco...
by Rob84
16 Feb 2019, 21:27
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Topic: Maastricht 15.02.2019
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Re: Maastricht 15.02.2019

Belly shot & Flaps Full :D

ImageLX-YCV B744F EHBK 15-2-2019 by Rob Nijsten, on Flickr
by Rob84
13 Feb 2019, 19:56
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Topic: Maastricht 13.02.2019
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Re: Maastricht 13.02.2019

Some shots from me in the afternoon. Sadly I had a course today :cry: So I wasn't able to get some nice shots of landings. But luckily the Sun assisted me with these shots. Typical, the Ethiopians and Turkish (and later on Emirates)taking off to the Sun :lol: Enjoy! 8-)
by Rob84
10 Feb 2019, 20:34
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Topic: AMS/EHAM 10.2.2019
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AMS/EHAM 10.2.2019

If you go a weekend to Amsterdam, Schiphol is something you must do :) First time I have this big A380 in front of my lense. :shock: :D More planes tomorrow :) A6-EEI AMS-EHAM A380 10-2-2019 by Rob Nijsten , on Flickr https://farm8.sta...
by Rob84
08 Feb 2019, 16:53
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Topic: Diversions 13-2?
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Re: Diversions 13-2?

Tim wrote:
08 Feb 2019, 16:16 speaks about 2 Tui flights! ... t=topstory
I expected more but ok! :)