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26 Jun 2019, 00:12
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Topic: MST - Silk Way West Airlines
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Re: MST - Silk Way West Airlines

Qantas81 wrote:
25 Jun 2019, 20:58
VPBCV not flying anymore? Anyone more details?
This Aircraft is currently AOG at GYD!
18 Apr 2019, 20:12
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Topic: Maastricht Cityliner
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Re: Maastricht Cityliner

De presentatie van de nieuwe luchtvaartmaatschappij Maastricht Cityliner op Maastricht Aachen Airport vindt later plaats dan aanvankelijk gedacht. „Niet dat er problemen zijn; integendeel zelfs”, zegt Wouter de Vries, de drijvende kracht achter het project. „Het onderhandelen met investeerders en o...
21 Feb 2019, 00:45
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Topic: Cargolux
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Re: Cargolux

Several days with flights from cargolux (even with a cargolux callsign).just charters or perhaps a new entry for sheduled routes to maa instead of ams? All these flights were originally routed via AMS, however there were no slots granted by AMS. For this reason Cargolux has re-routed the flights vi...
20 Feb 2019, 10:50
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Topic: MST - Sky Gates
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Re: MST - Sky Gates

Roger wrote:
20 Feb 2019, 10:19
Havent seen SkyGates in the schedules for some time. Any reason for concerns to their MST-opps??

Thanks, Roger
As usual the export-flows out of China are downgraded during the Chinese New Year. Next U3 flight is scheduled for 22.02 GYD-MST.
11 Jan 2019, 15:02
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Topic: Maastricht Aachen Airport B.V.
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Re: Maastricht Aachen Airport B.V.

Plan voor nieuwe zakelijke airline op Maastricht' Foto (c) Reismedia 11 januari 2019 - 14:41 | Door: | Foto: Reismedia MAASTRICHT AIRPORT - Er wordt gewerkt aan de oprichting van een nieuwe luchtvaartmaatschappij die zakelijke vliegverbindingen vanaf Maastricht Aachen Airport moet gaan aanbieden. F...
06 Dec 2018, 17:41
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Topic: MST - Emirates Skycargo
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Re: MST - Emirates Skycargo

EMIRATES VERPLAATST BLOEMENVLUCHTEN VAN SCHIPHOL NAAR MAASTRICHT MAASTRICHT - Emirates voert vanaf nu twaalf keer per week vrachtvluchten uit vanaf Maastricht Aachen Airport. De luchtvaartmaatschappij verplaatste deze maand capaciteit van Schiphol naar Limburg, om op die manier ruimte te maken voor...
30 Oct 2018, 22:59
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Topic: Maastricht 30.10.2018
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Re: Maastricht 30.10.2018

Tinus wrote:
30 Oct 2018, 19:12
Nice catches Leo, is the vietjet air still parked outside?
Kind regards
Martijn Beckers
At the moment still parked at A3!
01 Oct 2018, 15:31
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Topic: MST - Saudia Cargo
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Re: MST - Saudia Cargo

As of this week Saudia Cargo will increase its flights to a three weekly operation on day 3, 6 and 7. Operated by B77L and B744F!
10 Jul 2018, 07:04
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Topic: MST - Corendon
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Re: MST - Corendon

Extra flights from August until October opb Pegasus at SAT and SUN.
FLYMST.NL wrote:
10 Jul 2018, 06:30
4/8/18 - 28/10/18
.....67 PGT6615/PGT6616 12:20/13:00
opf Corendon